How Engineers Impact Global Economic Growth

We take pride in creating the Excellence and Creative Engineering Award (ECEA), and there’re multiple reasons behind our initiative. Yet, one reason is of paramount importance to us. We, at the Society of Engineers – UEA, believe that engineers, and the engineering profession in general, are very important for economic development locally, regionally, and globally. 

Well, before anything is said or done, let’s answer 2 questions: What’s engineering, and who are engineers? and What is economic development? 

What’s Engineering? 
Let’s choose the simplest definition. Engineering is applying an evidence-based approach to a problem, then designing, implementing, and maintaining a solution. Engineering can be classified into a wide spectrum of specialized disciplines that include, but are not limited to, civil & environmental, architecture, transport & mechanical, chemical and process, materials & mining, aerospace, manufacturing & design, computing & communication, electrical & electronics, energy & power, medical & bioengineering, among many other fields.  

When it comes to engineers, they’re the people who design solutions to our problems and help build our future. Their job is to create, design, construct and maintain materials, structures, devices, systems, machines, and processes. They are the people who build the infrastructure around us – from roads to utility networks. They are the people who develop the food we eat and the new materials that are used in manufacturing everything that makes our world better. Engineers always play a vital role in empowering countries to progress across the world. 

That said, let’s have a look at the meaning of economic development.  

What is economic development? 

Economic development, on the other hand, is preserving and boosting the community’s standard of living via a process of human and physical infrastructure development.  

In principle, economic development is the result of investment in the generation of new ideas through innovation and the creation of 

new goods and services, the transfer of knowledge, and the development of viable infrastructure.  

The development of infrastructure is not just roads and bridges, but also digital and communications infrastructure, and 

the creation of knowledge through education and training, which can be utilized by businesses to create new goods and services.  

As for the investment in research and development, it makes a significant contribution to economic development, as they identify new opportunities and then brings them to market to realize value, which will in turn lead to increased productivity within 

an economy. 

That being said, let’s take a glance at how engineers impact our lives — locally, regionally, and globally.  

The Impact of Engineers 

Let’s start with the physical infrastructure we live in – from roads to transport networks, water and energy supplies, bridges, and waste management, among other assets. This infrastructure is developed, continuously maintained, and improved by engineers from A to Z.  

As for the other part, the digital infrastructure – from communications to navigation networks and other digital assets, it’s the job of engineers to create and manage this important part of urban life. Engineers play a huge role in healthcare and food, and in manufacturing and research. 

Ultimately, by building this infrastructure, physical and digital alike, engineers are playing a great, lasting role in fueling economic growth in villages, cities, communities, territories, and countries. Good housing and sanitation boost the quality of life of all people, while well-built transport help companies trade their goods, and, also, enables workers to be more mobile. Moreover, on the digital side, speedy internet, for example, would increase efficiencies, boost productivity, and empower businesses to look beyond their local or national borders.  

Let’s put it outright. Behind every project, every innovation that improves the state of the world, you’ll find an engineer or several engineers! That’s why the Society of Engineers – UEA has taken an initiative to create the Excellence and Creative Engineering Award (ECEA) in recognition of this pivotal role that Engineers are constantly playing in the sustainable growth and progress of the UAE, and the world.  

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