Award Overview

The Excellence and Creative Engineering Award comes within the framework of the UAE’s 2071 vision, which considers innovation as one of the national priorities, and within the efforts to achieve a diverse knowledge-based economy led by competent Emiratis, ensuring sustainable prosperity by keeping pace with the continuous development in the engineering sector and adopting and implementing innovative projects and ideas.

The Society of Engineers - UAE, by organizing the "Excellence and Creative Engineering Award,” celebrates excellence and honors the efforts of institutions and individuals who positively impact various engineering sectors in the UAE. The award acknowledges the outstanding contributions and achievements in the engineering sector by those who have driven progress and achieved leadership and excellence in the field and were able to transform challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth and advancement.

The award, launched under the directives of the late Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may he rest in peace, is the first of its kind in the UAE, designed to highlight the best practices and innovative engineering models that have proven successful. It serves as a platform for learning from and leveraging these practices to further develop engineering projects across various fields. It also seeks to adopt winning projects and pioneering, innovative ideas in the engineering domains, aiming to stimulate and encourage engineers to innovate, invent, and deliver innovative solutions and practices that promote sustainability in their work. It aims to build a vibrant, competitive, strong, and inspiring environment for institutions and companies to explore new horizons, achieve unprecedented accomplishments, and contribute to creating a sustainable and better future.


  • Highlighting the importance of national engineering work.
  • Raising the spirit of competition, creativity, leadership and excellence in various fields of engineering work to keep up with the pace of the continuous global growth wheel.
  • Stimulating national engineering competencies for development, creativity and leadership.
  • Spreading and encouraging a culture of excellence, creativity and innovation in all engineering projects.

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