Dr. Riyadh Abdul Latif Al Muhaidib

Currently interested in private work and some community services. Retired from service after completing more than 3 decades of work in universities Government, half of it as a university professor and the other half in university administration.

  • Last position: Director General of Zayed University 2014 to 2019
  • Academic rank: Professor, since 2006

Personal Scientific Contributions:
Principal investigator or participant in 6 research projects, 5 of which are funded by national and international oil companies, with a value of 7 million dirhams. And in the following
Some of them are areas of research with a brief explanation of their results:
1. Modeling the natural properties of petroleum in the UAE fields: The model that was developed for the properties of UAE oil is used by a wide range of specialists.
The modeling of the properties using state equations contributed to the structural simulation of the natural properties and oil flow tests in the petroleum reservoirs.
2. Modeling the deposition of asphalt compounds in the reservoirs around the oil wells: The aforementioned simulation model is widely used to simulate the deposition of asphalt from
Oil fluids, especially around wells, to help plan treatment procedures and mitigate their impact on reducing production rates.
3. On UAE Oil Fields: Techniques studied through several EOR projects included the application of various enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods.
Oil soluble gas, brackish water flooding, field carbon dioxide injection, and enhanced oil recovery using
bacterial solutions. The results showed the applicability of these methods under laboratory conditions, which is an important step before companies plan projects.
Experimental fields cost tens of millions of dollars. This field is considered one of the most important areas of research in the oil sector, where most fields are subject
Emirates for secondary extraction methods, which can be developed for enhanced recovery methods to extend the life of oil fields for several decades.
4. Survey studies of the potential of renewable energy in the Emirates: These studies are during the nineties and are based on measurement stations distributed in several places.
In the country, one of the first studies conducted on the potential of producing solar energy and wind energy in the Emirates, which is now known to all, was followed by
A special survey of the possibility of producing energy from wind in the Emirate of Fujairah in cooperation with the Department of Industry.

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