Everything You Need to Know About Excellence and Creative Engineering Award

The United Arab Emirates is a rising nation in the skies of growth, development, and progress on the economic and social levels alike.  As a country in transition, the UAE continues to diversify its economy from relying on gas & oil to a knowledge-based economy. Significantly, this is where the role of engineers comes into sight. 

Fully aware of the vital role engineers continuously play in the UAE’s march towards achieving the nation’s goals at the social and economic levels, The Society of Engineers – UAE has endeavored, since 1979, to support the engineering profession and empower engineers to progressively contribute to the renaissance of the UAE. 

With this in mind, let’s dive deeper to know more about the Excellence and Creative Engineering Award (ECEA) as well as the award’s organizer, the Society of Engineers. 

ECEA in Perspective 

The Excellence and Creative Engineering Award (ECEA ) seeks to motivate engineers and encourage them to innovate, invent and develop their work. ECEA also spotlights the best innovative engineering practices, attempting to benefit from them and activate their role in light of the development of engineering projects in various fields across the UAE (civil, architectural, electromechanical, and others). 

ECEA is launched in its first phase within the United Arab Emirates and plans to expand its scope to include the participation of different countries across the globe. 

Due to the broad scope of engineering specializations, the Society of Engineering has classified the award into 4 categories of corporate awards in addition to 4 categories of individuals awards so that ECEA may fairly represent the broad spectrum of engineering projects.  

As ECEA is organized by the Society of Engineers, let’s take a glance at the organization.  

The Society of Engineers | History & Achievements 

The Society of Engineers - UAE was formally organized by the UAE’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in 1979 amid the economic growth in the country. At that time, the society’s founders had witnessed exceptional growth in the country’s construction industry and a rising increase in the role of engineers across all economic sectors, and, therefore, they became aware of the organization’s responsibility for contributing to this growth as well as the need to form a professional association as an umbrella to include all engineers working in the UAE. The Society of Engineers then joined the Federation of Arab Engineers in 1984, the World Federation of Engineering Organization in 1985, and the Gulf Engineering Union in 1986. 

The Society of Engineers - UAE supported the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in the issuance of Ministerial Decree No. 245/7 of 1983 regarding the Rehabilitation of Local Engineering Consultant Offices and collaborated with the Ministry of Public Works and the General Secretariat of Municipalities in preparing the rules and regulations for practicing the engineering profession in the UAE. Moreover, the society participated in the issuance of the regulations for Practicing Engineering Consultancy work in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman Municipalities. The society, also,  prepared and set a system for the technical examination of the engineers who supervise and manage the projects related to Abu Dhabi Municipality, and prepared the “Agreement for the Provision of Consultancy Engineering Services”. 

As the Society of Engineers celebrates its 34 years of exceptional service to the public, the organization has accomplished outstanding achievements in accrediting engineering certifications, regulating professional practices, standards and specifications as well as developing the skills and qualifications of all engineers in the UAE (via the society’s International Accreditation Committee). 

Moreover, the Society of Engineers - UAE is conducting numerous scientific forums, conferences, exhibitions, free seminars, and training courses, aiming to benefit engineers across the nation.  

That being the case, it’s important to shed light on the Excellence and Creative Engineering Award categories, steps of nomination, how to sign up, and the award’s timeline. 

To be continued, but until then, have a look at the whole story at https://ecea.ae/en-US/home 

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